Issue 12

Photo by Olivier Collet on Unsplash


  1. 9am Saturday, Dentist Office by Megan Cannella
  2. Just a Case of Midwestern Depression, Don’t Ya Know by Megan Cannella
  3. Pressure by Doug Mathewson
  4. Keeping a Distance by Doug Mathewson
  5. Bloodsucker by Suzanne Hicks
  6. Four Oranges by Shome Dasgupta
  7. Someone Like You, Likes You by Catherine O’Brien
  8. Forget Me by Allison Renner
  9. Hearts Compounded by T.L. Sherwood
  10. Seasons Change, If You Let Them by Bradley David
  11. The Snake Handler on his Deathbed by Kip Knott
  12. Collisions by Travis Flatt


Play Wordrow at Gooseberry Pie. It’s similar to Wordle.

There are many reasons to celebrate today. Holidays scheduled for May 16 include Biographer’s Day, Love a Tree Day, National Chartreuse Day, National Mimosa Day, and National Sea Monkey Day. Here’s a complete list.


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