But I Wouldn’t Change A Thing

Photo by Tamara Badran on Unsplash by Sally Simon A tuft of cotton candy clung to your lips the night we met. Your friends laughed when I stumbled from the Tilt o’Whirl. “Stop

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Green Thumb

Photo by Md Shairaf on Unsplash by Sally Simon Ever since Martha killed her asparagus fern, she’s been buying new plants: a trio of succulents sit above the sink, (next to the bowl

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Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash by Claudia Monpere He never thought of jumping off the roof in his Superman cape until his mother warned him not to. Or leaping into the quarry’s

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Lost And Found

Photo by Dorrell Tibbs on Unsplash by Claudia Monpere Stunned by the inheritance, she wondered: new kitchen or new face? She hated this dark kitchen, its stained linoleum floor, broken appliances too old

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Photo by Johnny McClung on Unsplash by Alison Wassell They call her Clam and the name sticks, like a mollusc to a rock. Seldom speaking, seldom smiling, Clam burrows dusty volumes deep in

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Muddy Embarrassments 

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash by Sudha Balagopal The cafe declares they use brown sugar, nothing polished or artificial. I tell the owner their tea tastes like it’s swimming in molasses, that the

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