Photo by Krišjānis Kazaks on Unsplash

by Travis Flatt

Beside the Fun Alley ran a ditch full of bowling balls, like a carnival’s junk pile of spent crystal balls: pink, black, and blue. How my friend, Brad, discovered this, who knows? We loaded his trunk with these dirty cannonballs and drove to the rock quarry, hurled them down to watch them explode into candy colored shrapnel. We only did this once, but planned to do it all summer. The next weekend, an acquaintance drank too much and fell off a nearby jumping cliff, cracked her skull, and drowned in the lake. After that, we kept quiet about the rock quarry. 


Travis Flatt (he/him) is a teacher and actor from Tennessee. His stories appear in HAD, JMWW, Flash Frog, and elsewhere. He enjoys theater, dogs, and theatrical dogs. Tweet: @WriterLeeFlatt.


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