Why We Dance On The Pier

Photo by Max Smith on Unsplash

by Judy Darley

After that, we went to the pier every afternoon. You liked it best on stormy days when sensible folk stayed away from this spindly structure sticking out into the Bristol Channel. We stood staring outwards, looking for the scraps of blue in the sky your granddad claimed were his lost socks. “There,” you’d screech, pointing, and we’d do the ‘found sock’ dance, holding hands and jumping around until we were breathless. 

Today, there was no blue to be seen until you pulled one of Granddad’s favourite biodegradable socks from your school satchel. It flapped like the petal of a giant forget-me-not until the wind stole it away.


Judy Darley is the author of The Stairs are a Snowcapped Mountain, Sky Light Rain, Remember Me to the Bees, and countless stories. http://www.skylightrain.com


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