Welcome to Issue 1 of Gooseberry Pie

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Dear Readers,

I’m excited to launch the first issue of Gooseberry Pie Lit Magazine. In early 2023, I began thinking about starting a microfiction lit magazine, but couldn’t land on an idea. I saw a post from Meg Pokrass suggesting the need for another six-sentence magazine. I loved the idea. Meg was kind enough to share her invaluable expertise about starting and running a magazine. So this new venture would never have been possible without the wonderful support of Meg Pokrass. And if you are looking for a terrific microfiction workshop, Meg’s are awesome. I’ve attended several of them. Here’s a link to her Substack. She’s planning on doing several six-sentence workshops this year along with other microfiction workshops.

I’d also like to thank Meg Tuite for her generosity. Once she heard about the launch of Gooseberry Pie she showered me with inspiration and spread the word about my new magazine.

And one other shoutout to Laurie Marshall who did an awesome job with the design of the Gooseberry Pie logo.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted to Gooseberry Pie and for trusting me with your work. Our first issue includes four wonderful fiction writers.

Happy New Year!

Jeff Harvey, EIC

Five Works Of Wonder In Our First Issue:

  1. Fillmore Street, 2005 by Meg Pokrass
  2. Lady Liberty by Meg Pokrass
  3. Eaten by a Lion by Frances Gapper
  4. House of Cards by Shasta Grant
  5. Worlds Navigated When Relatives Come to Say Goodbye by Meg Tuite

Submissions are always open.


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