Gooseberry Pie Issue 11

Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

Issue 11 Stories:

  1. En Route To Father’s Funeral by David Yourdon
  2. Neptune’s Table by Kik Lodge
  3. Aftermath by Ruth Brandt
  4. Trip To Rome, Ruined by Sky Sprayberry
  5. How To Lose A Wife. Or Two by Tina Barry
  6. Pier 39 by Wilson Koewing
  7. Tag Mot Karlskrona by Bronwen Griffiths
  8. Impression by Michael Czyzniejewski


Today is the 71st birthday of the talented Christine Baranski. She’s done it all from sidekick Maryann Thorpe in Cybill and Leonard’s mom on Big Bang Theory to her starring role as Diane Lockhart in The Good Fight which she originated on The Good Wife. Give her a shout on Social Media! I can’t wait to see what’s next for her.

If you’ve missed it, here’s a link to Gooseberry Pie’s first special issue from our first writing contest. Such awesome work from everyone!

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