Nuts of the World

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

by Karen Walker

A squirrel leads Kris and Helena through The Nuts of The World Museum. They ignore the exhibits—Metallurgy in the Late Almond Age, The Brazil Nut Revolution of 1302—and interrupt the squirrel, who knows nutters, to prattle on about entering a small furry talent contest sponsored by the cosmetic surgery place on Highway 7. Everyone wanting pointy ears and other characteristi rodentia, the surgeon grew rich. His toothy trophy wife entered wearing mink. Helena, bitter, gnaws, ‘Quelle surprise, she won by simply chattering.’ Sighs Kris, ‘Yes, we regret our tails.’ 


Karen Walker (she/her) writes in Ontario, Canada. Her work is in Blink-Ink, Flash Boulevard, The Hoogley Review, Overheard, Centaur, and elsewhere.


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