What Must Remain Unseen

Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash by Sudha Balagopal My son’s born without skin over his chest—lungs, heart, exposed. Whispers float about the inside, outside.  As his lungs balloon and his heart pulses, I

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If it’s not bitter, it’s not tea

Photo by Mona Mok on Unsplash by Elena Zhang They look like arms, the honeysuckle petals that unfurl in the boiling water, blooming again briefly to embrace emptiness like dying women. By the

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Twin Brother And Sister

Photo by Tom Strecker on Unsplash by Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar My twin brother grew light-skinned like the milk he sucked from Ma’s breast and I, brown like the chai I drank from a

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Carrying On

Photo by ketut by Kathryn Silver-Hajo My adventure-ready carry-on is midway to the overhead when this guy offers to hoist it up. You’re a prince, I say. Curlicued mustachios climb skyward

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The Solution

Photo by Adam Sherez on Unsplash by Charlotte Hamrick You rub fish oil in your hair, on your elbows and toes as the cat licks & licks an exfoliating massage, dead skin flakes

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When The Moon Hits Your Eye

Photo by Gaspar Uhas on Unsplash by Charlotte Hamrick you grab my arm to hold me still, saying I Won’t let you go!  I turn faster than a deer out-running a bullet, grab your

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