Mealtimes in the Queendom of Deliciousness

Photo by Krzysztof Niewolny on Unsplash

by Sue Borgersen

For luncheon, our bees feed on royal jelly they themselves have harvested from purple sweet peas. We feed our monkeys apricots in green glass bowls knowing sun-ripe fruits are paramount for their souls. For our baby eels there are spiny sea urchins on red bevelled platters. Peacock butterflies are happy enough to suck on freshly poured pink-grey cement. When no-one is looking we spoon ourselves nectar drawn from heritage ginkgo trees. As the quarter moon rises in a periwinkle sky, Jerome strikes the massive copper gong for silence.


Sue Borgersen is a Canadian author originally from England. Her favoured fiction genres are micro, flash & novella. Her publisher is Unsolicited Press.


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