Just a Case of Midwestern Depression, Don’t Ya Know

CW: Language

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

by Megan Cannella

Raised a good Catholic girl from St. Something Parish, she didn’t flinch when he pulled a rosary from her cunt before fucking her on the grave of a man they didn’t know. 

There’s not one Midwestern man she’s ever slept with who isn’t some distorted mirror of her relationship with her mother. Her family isn’t the type to have a garage fridge full of beer or a friendly relationship with every neighbor. Charlie Berens is not making skits about any of this. 

Everytime she leaves the house, her mother cries out, “Have fun…BUT!…not too much fun.” Her mother once bought a shower curtain with an aggressive Santa pattern and said she had dreamed of having one her whole life.


Megan Cannella (she/they) is writing or watching Bravo. Find more of their work here Megan’s on Twitter @megancannella and Instagram @meeeeegancan.


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