Books That We’ve Read and Love and Recommend

Here are several books that we’ve read recently that we recommend.

  1. Brief Natural History of Women by Sarah Freligh
  2. Disappearing Debutantes by Meg Pokrass
  3. Child Craft by Amy Barnes
  4. Radio Water by Francine Witte
  5. The Daddy Chronicles by Jayne Martin
  6. Covenants by Tommy Dean
  7. Three by Tuite by Meg Tuite
  8. Phantom Advances by Mary Lynn Reed
  9. Wolfson by Kathryn Silver-Hajo
  10. After the Rapture by Nancy Stohlman
  11. Breaking Points by Chelsea Stickle
  12. Cooking Tips for the Demon-Haunted by Kathryn Kulpa


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