And You Thought it Was Just a Headache

Photo by Rizvi Rahman on Unsplash

by Luanne Castle

She pounces from a cliff, shocking me with her thoroughness and whirls me until I scream for mercy. She’s a heavy trickster, crouching on my chest and ripping at my face. She blows through me like a scirocco, scorching me. Sucker punches me in the right eye, and strips me of my sweat-soaked clothing, snare drums clattering and clanging under the strobe lights. She poisons me until my stomach rebels. She begins her slow exit, scattering a chilling path through me, then from the shadows watches over me in my poppy bed.


Luanne Castle’s recent fiction can be found in Bending Genres, The Dribble Drabble Review, Does It Have Pockets, South 85 Journal, and The Ekphrastic Review.


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